Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost Finished

 So here it is all laid out on the floor. Jessica is bugging me to sew it together so she can have it.

It sits on the floor for the rest of the evening before I start putting it together the next day.

It is the first quilt that I have assembled that is a diagonal assembly. I have never done it before. It really was not that hard to do.

I started in the center with the longest line and then did the lower half first then the upper half.

Jessica has been hovering all over today waiting for it to be pieced together. She wants to try it on her bed and see if it fits. I keep telling her it will fit just fine and if not I will add borders to it for her.

She loves the colors too, I do to.

Here it is on the bed. See it fits. She is so excited she wants it finished now.

I just have to spend the next couple weeks sandwiching it together and quilting it.

I still do not know what quilting I am going to do on it yet. Some all over quilting though, it is a busy top that will need just enhancing with quilting and not make the quilting stand out, I think it would get lost with all the busy squares there are in it.

 She loves it very much, and it was hard to get her to pull it off the bed so I could put it up until I get the sandwich done on it.

She wants a flannel back on it so it will be warmer in the winter and if she gets bored she could flip it over for a more plain look. We are going this weekend to pick out the fabric for it.

Hopefully it will not take me another couple of months to finish this one, the holidays are coming and this needs to move off my WIP pile.

Until next week, everyone have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather.

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