Thursday, October 17, 2013

Easy Street Update

     Well I have been working hard the last couple of weeks and we now have a block together.

These looks kind of neat with the colors she chose. I worked the entire last couple of weeks putting them together.

We should have the top together this weekend. Then we get to figure out how I am going to quilt it for her.

She keeps bugging me to finish it for her. Jess can not wait to get it on her bed.

Hopefully it will fit without having to add extra borders. We will see.

On other news, Mom was tired this last week and pretty sick. In case you have not been reading my Mother was diagnosed in August with triple negative stage 4 breast cancer. When we took her to treatment this week my sister and I talked with the doctor and nurses and got her medications for nausea and discomfort changed for her. Turns out that what she had was too strong for her poor stomach to handle. Now that we got it changed she is feeling better. She had Chinese food when she was done with Chemo and finished more of it later on in the evening. Yeah she is eating again. We still have the website up for donations if anyone is interested. Sue Parrack Cancer Fund is still running if you wish to help.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive weekend ahead. Until next week all, stay safe and happy.


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