Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crochet Quilt

Sorry it has been a while since posting. I have been working on a crochet quilt.

I have forgotten how long it takes to crochet things. It had been a few years since I last crocheted something.

So I spent the Memorial Day weekend piecing it together.

By the way, Hope every one had a wonderful and fun Memorial Day and that all stayed safe.

This was a project I have been working on since last fall. I was able to complete a square every three days or so. I was only crocheting in the evening while watching TV with the family. I finally finished the last squares a couple weeks ago but had some family tragedy things happen so I could not piece it together until this weekend.

Here is a close up of the pieces. Once I had it pieced I crocheted an edge on the whole thing so it would come together and look complete.

It is warm, I used the Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I had several colors left over from making slippers for the kids a couple years ago. I found this pattern in their book of afghans. I loved how it looked so decided I would try it.

I did not realize how long it would take. Now I remember why I do not crochet all the time. I am a instant gratification type when it comes to this. So I feel it just takes too long to create afghans.

But I did finish this and everyone has tried to lay claim to it for this winter already.

I am just finishing up taking the last pictures of the antique quilt I am going to be working on and fixing for a friend.

I will have those up by next week for everyone to see.

Hope you all had a wonderful and productive Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Animal Print Quilt

Well hello all. This has been a wonderful week. The sun has been out and we have actually reached 88 degrees out. Now I do not know about you, but once the temperature gets to over 75 degrees I start wishing for a breeze and some clouds to help break up the heat.

As you guessed I am not a person who likes hot weather. That is probably why I live in the Pacific Northwest. I like having the sun out and I like mild weather, but hot weather is something I do not do well. So when it got hot for two days this last weekend my husband asked if it was time to get the air conditioner out. I decided it was not going to be hot that long and I could live with it for the short time we would be in a "heat wave" according to the news group.

So to pass the time away I decided to finish up a quilt I was making for the husband. It is made out of Minkie fabric. I love the animal prints they had. He has been bugging me to finish it so he could use it this fall and winter so I decided what the heck. I had a fan blowing on me at the sewing machine and went to work. It was one of the quilt as you go type of easy quilts so it was not that long and I was putting the binding on it.

He was so happy when he came home from work yesterday to find it complete and sitting on his chair. He was such a wonderful man when he found it. He turned to me and said, "Thank you honey it is wonderful, but I hope you do not expect me to use it right now. If you can handle me having it folded up until October before I could tell you how wonderfully warm it is, I will give you my review then." He is such a funny guy. "Of course I can wait until then. At least I finished it before the snow this year."

Here it is all stretched out over his chair. I love the Giraffe and Tiger prints the best. He loves how soft the Minkie is, see I made a pink one for my daughter for Christmas two years ago and one for my step son in blue last year, and bought the fabric for this one two years ago too. He has been looking at the fabric for quite a while asking when it would be done. I finally got it complete this last weekend. Yeah one more thing off my work in progress list.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I did. I got two dozen roses and had dinner cooked for me Sunday night. I also got to have a day to myself to do whatever I wanted, which in this house with a 15 year old and an 11 year old is hard to do.

See you all later, have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Progress on Memory Quilt

Well this last weekend I finished the top of my first memory quilt. It was a little tricky putting on the corner Dresden Plates. I could not decide which way I wanted them to face.

I finally decided I wanted them to face out. I am going to put the backing on and have the points of the Dresden remain showing. I love how it makes the corners look so interesting.

It was a little hard getting it all to line up correctly, but after getting the first corner done the rest went along quite well.

It looks very interesting. I saw on Pinterest someone decide to do their corners this way and I decided I just had to see what it would look like on my quilt. I really like the way they turned out.

I knew my hours on Pinterest would pay off at some point. Who else out there is addicted to it? I know I am. I just can not get enough of all those wonderful pictures, who ever thought of Pinterest is a genius.

I finished it up and ironed it out. Then I finagled my daughter into holding it up for pictures. She was so wonderful about it (not). She was soo busy watching TV and playing her Nintendo DS at the same time, I just had to interrupt.  Then of course her arms were not long enough and they were tired. Does anyone else have a teen like this? She just smiled at me and said dramatically, "Ok Mom, I guess I could help."  She is wonderful just complains sometimes while still doing what she is told.

The pictures are of my Grandmother Signe. She was the one who taught me how to sew and crochet. She was always sewing for something. She sewed for Cancer and for the Senior Center all the time. She used to sew and craft things for the Boutiques that happen during Christmas time too. She used to make most of my clothes when I was younger too. I have such wonderful memories of her at her sewing machine and me just hanging out with her. There are days I still miss her.

Here is a corner. I just love how it looks being pointed out. The colors are wonderful too. They are so Spring and it was nice using them. I really like that I found butterfly white fabric at the last minute. The center has flowers on the white that remind me of the Dresden flower Plate in the center. So I thought having butterflies on the white border would go great with the butterfly Dresdens in the center section.

What do you think. I love that there is a lot of negative space on the quilt. My next thing is to figure out what I want to quilt on it. I am not sure how to quilt it yet so I will have to really have to think on this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hope you all enjoyed this. My next project is to start repairing a antique quilt for a friend of mine. I should have some pictures of it next week for all to see. It is a Wedding Ring quilt and it feels and looks like it is made out of the old flour sacks or maybe vintage sheets. I will post pictures next week and see what you all think of it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Girl Expressions


        This is Little Girl. She wandered into our lives when we needed her the most. She makes us laugh like you could not believe.


She loves playing with boxes. Her favorite are the soda and beer cases. She loves getting into them and hiding. The funniest cat I have ever seen


She loves her play things.

She thinks she is hiding her mouse under her.

She has been our breathe of fresh air. So I will have to share more of her wonderful funniness with all of you more often.