Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christmas Potholders and Mom Update

So this week I have been working on some pot holders for my Mom. She needs some new one's desperately.

She loves Delph blue decorations, so I thought these wonderful fabrics would look lovely in her kitchen.

So she is now taken care of for Christmas.

I love the red and blue in this one. I used a red thread for the quilting in this one. It looks great.

I love the blue and white fabric on the border.

I used a block pattern I found in the Quiltmaker's 100 blocks volume 7 book. I can not remember off the top of my head the name of the block but this is only one part of the original block and I added my own border. I like the design it created.

I like the quilting on this one. I thought it made it look more sophisticated of a look with the fabrics used.

I almost wish I switched the border fabrics between the two but they are already put together now. These are real fun to make and only took a couple of evenings to get complete.

I like how they turned out. She is going to love them. I sandwiched them with a layer of the Insul-Bright along with a layer of regular batting just to be sure she is not going to get burned using them. It quilted nicely with the extra layer too. They are stiff right now, I just have to wash them and they are ready to go.

For those of you interested in Mom's status here you go. We went in for a new CT scan since she has finished eight weeks of Chemotherapy. We went in on Friday and got the news yesterday. Her four satellite tumors went from 3cm to 1 cm. Good news, the large tumor in her right breast has not changed much at all. It has not gotten bigger or smaller. The doctor says it is because it has blocked her blood vessels in the area and it is not getting much of the Chemo to it. They are giving her a week off of Chemo and the doctor is meeting with the surgeon and a few experts this week and are going to discuss what the next step is. They are considering surgery to remove the large tumor but are concerned that it is so close to the edge of the breast and has erupted through the skin that they may not get it all. They are also thinking about doing spot radiation on the tumor to shrink it some first then seeing about surgery after. They are going to come up with a couple of choices for us to decide on next week. Mom has decided to go see her sister in California while she can for the week while she is on a reprieve. She is in good spirits but wants it to be done already and gone. She is still struggling with the fact that she is not going to be able to be cured and will have to have treatments for the rest of her life. We will see how it goes from here.

That is all this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and stay safe out there.

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