Friday, March 2, 2012

The Jessie Bag

So today I promised I would post the project I have been working on. It is the "Jessie Bag"  by Busy Bee Quilt Designs.  My daughter, who's name is Jessica and we call Jessie, fell in love with this pattern as soon as she saw it.

I decided to take her with me a couple weeks ago to a couple of quilt shops around to see if I could get her interested in sewing. She is always asking for things for me to make so I thought it would be a good idea to see if she would get interested in sewing or quilting.

Well while at the Pine Needle Quilt Shop in Lake Oswego Oregon, she fell in love with the fabrics and colors of all the quilts they have hanging in there.

We got to the pattern section and she just about bowled me over when she saw the Jessie Bag. So I looked it over and told her since her birthday is March 2nd I would make that for her but she had to help with it. The first thing we did was look at what materials we needed. She had such a time picking out fabrics. We must have had half the shop pulled out and spread out looking at different combinations.

I finally had to help her narrow it down. She was leaning towards blues so we put the other color combos away. Then we were down to about 6 different groups of blues. She seemed to be smitten with the batiks so I put the other prints away and now we were down to 3 different groups, something I can work with. We finally got the fabrics and got them cut and then had to pick out thread. So I had the fabric swatches and we headed over to the thread. That did not take too long. By the time we left we had all the makings of the bag. On the way home she had to open the pattern and lay out the fabric.

She helped wash and press the fabrics. She then helped layout and cut all the fabrics. After that she watched with anticipation as I slowly made and showed her every step.  It took a couple of evenings after work to get it done and I thought she was going to die.

She finally got her bag and was so excited about it and how she was going to use it for school. She went to school and the kids liked it very much. She said some of the kids thought it would be a cool skirt too.

 Here it is after she used it that day. She loves the colors. She thinks the bold blues make a wonderful statement.
 She loved the designs of the batiks. She thinks she is something else now that she has a unique bag for school.
Here are a few pictures of the bag.


Elita en Suisse said...

What a beautiful daughter (and bag)! Like you, my nearly 15 year old daughter has recently begun to show an interest in quilting and has started to quilt with me. I love it. It's really nice to have that to share. Enjoy!

Laurie Parrack said...

Elita, yes it is great to be able to share with them. It is great to watch their mind create new things.