Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter project

So this last weekend I decided I needed to spruce up the house. The first thing I decided needed to be done was to start on my spring cleaning. I got through the kitchen and dining room. I then decided I was done with that and I needed to do a project. It was nearing late afternoon and so I wanted something I could get most of the way done this weekend and it definitely had to be along the Easter lines. So I decided, table runner. They are smaller so less time and it was in the realm of being a weekend project. I went to my scrap boxes and started pulling out pinks and purples and blues that were light and spring and Easter colors. I then decided it needed bunnies. So I sat down and drew out a bunny. He was good so I created a pattern template of the bunny and decided I needed three of them. I then had to decide what blocks I wanted on the ends. I chose a block out of the McCall's 100 block magazine for the ends. I wanted to put them on point so it looked better and not just a rectangle. I then decided I wanted to add a border around all of it.

Here are the three bunnies. I decided I wanted to bend the ear of the middle bunny, so I cut two ears for the one side so when I bent it I had the right side of the fabric showing. The bunnies were pretty easy. I just used a blanket stitch around them to make it look more country looking. I am not that good at applique yet so I made it easy.

Here it is. I still have to choose a backing and quilt it yet. I think I will go with a blue for the back and bind it in a pink. I am still deciding. It is sitting on my hope chest and I have been looking at it for a couple days now. I am still contemplating on the quilting I will do though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a joyous Easter. I will post the completed project when I get it done.

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