Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crochet Quilt

Sorry it has been a while since posting. I have been working on a crochet quilt.

I have forgotten how long it takes to crochet things. It had been a few years since I last crocheted something.

So I spent the Memorial Day weekend piecing it together.

By the way, Hope every one had a wonderful and fun Memorial Day and that all stayed safe.

This was a project I have been working on since last fall. I was able to complete a square every three days or so. I was only crocheting in the evening while watching TV with the family. I finally finished the last squares a couple weeks ago but had some family tragedy things happen so I could not piece it together until this weekend.

Here is a close up of the pieces. Once I had it pieced I crocheted an edge on the whole thing so it would come together and look complete.

It is warm, I used the Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I had several colors left over from making slippers for the kids a couple years ago. I found this pattern in their book of afghans. I loved how it looked so decided I would try it.

I did not realize how long it would take. Now I remember why I do not crochet all the time. I am a instant gratification type when it comes to this. So I feel it just takes too long to create afghans.

But I did finish this and everyone has tried to lay claim to it for this winter already.

I am just finishing up taking the last pictures of the antique quilt I am going to be working on and fixing for a friend.

I will have those up by next week for everyone to see.

Hope you all had a wonderful and productive Memorial Day weekend.

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