Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Blabbing

Well it is finally Friday. Yeah!! Last night we picked up Mitch, my step son, from her house. On the way home he proceeded to tell me what he would like for dinners this weekend. So this morning I got up and pulled out my big stock pot and proceeded to cut up celery, carrots, parsnips, fresh parsley, bay leaf, garlic, and onion. Then I pulled out my stew chicken and one smoked turkey leg. Threw it all in the pot and turned it on low. Told the husband to watch it and stir it every once in a great while, letting him know that after a few hours he may sample a small amount. Then proceeded to go to work. Can you guess yet what his number one most favorite dish is? I will give you a hint, when I get home I have to de-bone the chicken and make balls of bisquick to drop in it. Anyone have it now? This year his favorite dish is chicken and dumplings. He also wants Swiss Steak, and I believe after I got done laughing hysterically, T-bone steak. Last weekend I made home made "poofy rolls" for dinner and we still have a few of those the kids can have too.

Now that I am at work and enjoying a very quiet Friday, I realize I can not wait to get home and have a nice dinner with the family.  Even though it is a lot more hectic there than work these days. The house is going to smell like home made chicken soup, and while I am finishing up dinner I will probably start on some sort of dessert as well for a nice treat. Then it is to bed early so we can get the kids motivated early tomorrow for a trip to the zoo. After hiking the zoo for the day we are going to go to New York Style Pizza for dinner. Yeah I do not have to cook tomorrow. Then Sunday we are going to my parents' house to till the side yard so we can all start our family vegetable garden for the year. I have so many goodies I want to put in it, I hope there will be room. So by the time Monday rolls around I will be glad to get back to work and relax. hehe.

I almost forgot, I also have to squeeze some time in there to help my daughter, Jessica, practice her trumpet for the concert on the 19th. She is at the 14 yr old I am scared to be in front of people age. She gets stage fright a lot the past couple years. So I have to sit in the first couple rows and right in front of her so when she looks up all she sees is me. She does great then..

I will let you all know how dinner was and will post the recipe next week.


I Am Not Superwoman said...

You are not too far up the road from us. We are in Troutdale. Did you get your garden in yet? Couple more beautiful days. Thanks for visiting my blog. (And my husband should get the credit this year for our garden) Have a great week!

Laurie Parrack said...

We have our garden in and started. Our corn is only 2" tall and the tomato plants are from the nursery but I can not wait to watch them all grow.