Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorta Sunny

Well here it is Tuesday and we are finally seeing some sun in the rainy state of Oregon. My daughter is finally feeling better, yeah for me. Mother's Day was one I do not wish to redo. Saturday evening we went to my parents house for dinner and we brought mom a bunch of flowers. She loved them and dinner was great. We had a ham and all the fixings. I did dishes and cleaned up for her after. On Sunday we got up early, which I did not want to do, and went to Rob's moms grave. She had passed away on September 7th 2010 of lung cancer, after fighting it for almost 9 months. It is rough because it is a day before my birthday and happens to be on my step son's birthday. I was not ready to go yet and see her again but decided not to tell anyone because I needed to be there for Rob. After that we went over to Schroader's for brunch with Rob's step dad who met us at the cemetary. We had a good brunch and visit. He is doing better now too. Rob is trying to do better and most days it is good but there are days where it just hits hard. After that we came home and watched hockey most of the day and relaxed. That was nice.

Monday was a little better except I had to go to work. When I got home Rob had dinner ready. We had hot dogs with all the fixin's. I know he did not slave in the kitchen all day but it was the thought that counts. Dinner was actually pretty good with all the toppings he had out for the dogs. I did not even have to do dishes. My daughter got to do those for me. So I guess my Mother's Day was Monday and it was not all that bad.

Tuesday is getting better to, the sun is finally coming out and I will get home before dark to enjoy it. I have not figured out what we are going to have for dinner yet so it may be a fend for yourself day. Tomorrow is another fend for yourself day for Rob because Jess and I will be gone to church until 8pm. So I will not have to cook again until Thursday. Maybe I will do Swiss Steak or maybe even a stir fry. I will let you know soon.

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