Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry I have not posted lately, I have been going through some very stressful things. I feel like I am going to loose what marbles I have left. Things have been very tight lately because Rob lost his job and now his unemployment is completely exhausted, no one wants to hire anyone over 40 these days. Well now my credit card decided it did not like the payment plan we were working on and I was about two weeks late and they are now garnishing the wages. To make a long story short, we are about one paycheck away from loosing everything. So I have been a little extra frazzled. Not to mention we are going back to court because his ex wants more money and to take time away from Rob seeing his son. So now we have to come up with a way to pay our lawyer. But enough about what I can not change, I guess.

Summer is here, Yeah!! I have no idea what to do with the kids this year. Maybe I will somehow arrange a short weekend camping trip this year. Anyone have any good ideas?

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