Friday, July 15, 2011

What a week

Ok sorry I have not posted for a while. I have been trying to be a good friend. My best friend is having marriage issues. I have been her sounding board and shoulder to cry on for the past couple of weeks. She has informed me that her and her husband of 8 years are separating. They also have two lovely children. Well they have one child that is both of theirs and one that is just hers but he has always been there for the oldest. Now he has decided that he is done with the lies and the trust issues. There is a lot of history here that I just do not have time to go in to.. . .  OK you talked me into it. They ( Amber and Jeremy) were together when he screwed up royally and ended up in jail. Basically drinking and driving at 19 and crashed and killed his then girlfriend that was in the car with him. He met Amber some time after that and they started dating. Well after all was said and done (which took two years to go through) he had to do two years and probation for 2 years and no drivers license for 8 years. While he was in jail, Amber had cheated on him with a guy and ended up pregnant. When all was said and done Jeremy forgave her (or so he thought) and was there for Shyanne's birth and has always been told that Jeremy is her father. Well, his sister has a lot of problems and has recently started dragging up the Shyanne is not his and threatening to tell Shyanne herself. And started telling Jeremy again that Amber is back cheating. They have been together now 8 years and married, but he is starting to have doubts again. Now I am not saying she is innocent either, she has gone out without telling him where she is going or who she is with and has lied some also just to make things easier because of his jealousy issues, and I am not saying she is right in this, because she is not right either. So it got all blown way up and has resulted in them splitting up this last week. I love them both very much and the kids are like my kids too, so I have been trying to be there for them. I am hoping that with them being apart for a while, they will be able to look at things in a new light later down the road.
      I hope that with time apart they will be better. I think they both need to have their fun that they missed when they were married at a young age. Neither one got to have fun in their early twenties due to them having to grow up and be parents. So I feel they are both wanting that fun and not wanting the other to be hurt by it. So hopefully after they get this stuff out of their system they will be able to look at each other in a new light and work things out. If not they at least gave it a try.
     So again I am sorry I have not had time to blog but I will try and work on it.

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