Friday, July 27, 2012

Sisters Quilt Show Part 2

This was a wonderful and fun day. I had my sister, my daughter, and my nephew with me that day. Being a mom, I bribed the children into going if I promised we would stop at the lake and do some swimming after the show. They were more than eager to go then.

My nephew, Andrew, loves to hang out with us. I did not think he would enjoy the show as much as he did. He has the Nintendo 3DS and it takes pictures too.

He was right there next to me taking pictures of all the different quilts too. He would actually wait until no one was coming and say, "OK Aunt Lala, you can get your picture now." Then he would run next to me and hold up his "camera" and take the picture too.

He found some quilts he really liked and was in no time taking his own pictures with his own opinions on each of the "night blankets" as he called them. Pretty soon we had quite a few people interested in watching him run around and get the pictures of the quilts himself. There were a few that would actually move out of the way just for him. There was a cute older couple that must have been watching Andrew for a while because they came over and said he was the best entertainment they had all morning. They picked him up a package of kettle caramel corn for the trip home. He thought that was the best.

I really liked the colors in this one. The yellow just goes so well with the blues and greens.

I like the look of spring and the sun feeling with this quilt. It is by Norma Wells of Bend, OR. It is titled Dandelions.

I can see how she got the title.

I like the colors of this quilt too. I like the look of the sampler quilt here. It seems to flow very well.

I like the different mountains in this quilt. It is a quilt hanging in the Stitchin' Post and shows the different mountains in the area. I really like the Mt. St. Helen's picture with the plume of smoke.

This is one of the wonderful quilts on the Stitchin' Post's side wall outside. This is the wall of the challenge quilts of the workers of the quilt shop.

I like how the lights are on in the town and it is dusk out. It just seems to glow.

I really like this one too. I seem to like the more traditional and busy quilts. Do not get me wrong, modern quilts have their own wonderfulness, but I seem to really like the more "home and cuddly" type.  I love the trees and house in this one.

Here are more quilts on the side of the quilt shop.

I love the different colors in each one.

I really like the look of this one. I love how the mountains and moon and suns play on each other.

It looks like sunsets and moon rises in the country.

Here is another quilt I like. I like the different stars in this quilt and how they look together. I also like the geese borders and how they are offset.

That is all I have for today. I should have more for you soon. I will also have to post the pictures of the kids swimming in the lake too, to prove I did keep my word and they got to have fun too.

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