Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sister's Quilt Show Part 1

First off let me say I am sorry it has been a while. I was going to start these posts as soon as I got back from the show but I had pneumonia and was in bed for a week. I should not have gone to the show, but I could not pass up on the Quilt Show another year. I have missed it for a couple years due to other obligations and there was just no way you were keeping me away another year. I was going through withdrawals, if that is possible. So without further ado here are the first of several pictures of the wonderful quilts at Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon this year.

This is the first quilt we got to just after we parked and enjoyed the wonderful view of the three sisters mountains. I was too busy looking at them that I forgot to get a picture of them.

This was a wonder and colorful quilt. I loved the look of it and the odd shapes of the blocks. It was called "Bubblicious" by Concetta Boscardin of Texas.

Here is the information I got from that wonderful quilt.

Here is another quilt. I love the wonderful fussy cuts in this one.

It is not a wonderful picture but this is the information on the wonderful fussy cut.

Here is another well done quilt. I love the panels in this one. It makes you feel like you should be in a lodge somewhere getting ready for a wonderful fishing or hunting trip.

I loved this one too. The colors and scrappyness, if that is a real word, of this quilt just awed me. I loved it and want to make one for myself. Another wonderful quilt to add to my bucket list. 

Here is a close up of the wonderful stars.

I love the colors, they are so soothing together.

And last but definitely not least in today's posting is this wonderful quilt. I love how the reds in this quilt just pop so well. I love the gray print in this too. It was a wonderful day there. It was warm but we had a nice breeze. The only problem with the breeze is you have to time your photo's just right or you miss the whole thing. More tomorrow with some pictures of my nephew, who had more fun than I did.

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