Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More on the baby quilt

  Then I took the half square triangles and joined them. I had to keep looking at my drawing to make sure I was assembling them correctly. I had the pinwheels in different positions so it looked like it was moving instead of having them all one way.

These were fun and went pretty fast.

I put them together and pressed them. I am so happy that my points all matched.

I then started laying out my rows. I then cut out my center block and applied my appliques.

These were fun. I chose different types of fabrics for these because I wanted the baby to experience different textures. I used chenille, flannel, fleece, and Egyptian cotton for the different types. I then appliqued them to the square with a blanket stitch. I used the same color thread as the appliques so they would blend in.

I then connected all the rows to complete the top.

The complete quilt tomorrow.

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