Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Boy's Dreams Quilt

 It was hard coming up with the right fabrics and colors. I knew it had to have blue. I also tried to go to the color wheel and find what went with blue. I did not want it just blues though. So I chose orange too. Then I decided it needed red and yellow too. When I started coloring the drawings I started with just red and blue and white, but it was just too Patriotic to be a little baby boy's quilt. That is when I added the orange and yellow too. Then I played with where to place the colors. That took a while too. I like scrappy looking so I finally had to place them in random areas but not too close together. Finally I got the right combination. Then I had to figure out how much material I needed. Turns out I needed about 1/2 yard of each color and 3 yards of background.

I then had to figure out what I wanted in the center. I played around with several different things but kept coming back to a train.

It took several drawings before I finally got the look of the train I wanted. I think I researched several different ways to draw a train but I knew it had to be very simple in order to get it to the fabric.

So here are the final drawings of the train.

These were the hardest to get to the right size I needed to be without being too big or so small you really loose them in the quilt.

Then I started cutting out the fabrics. I wanted to have my blocks be about 6" finished or a little bigger. Turns out I really liked the 8" finished size the best. That size block looked the best with the size of train I wanted.

I then started cutting and sewing. It was an interesting process, and I learned a lot about figuring the size I needed to be able to cut half square triangles. I found a wonderful website that was a tremendous help. www.patchwork-and-quilting.com is where I finally decided I would go and use their most helpful directions.

Here are my half-square triangles after I squared them up and pressed them.

Hope everyone enjoys lots of Turkey and all the sides and has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. I will continue with my adventure of "Little boy's Dreams Quilt" after the holiday.

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