Friday, September 2, 2011


Ok off to another project. I am going to start on a new jean quilt this weekend, since it is a nice 3 day weekend and the husband will be working it. It will be quiet enough for me to be able to start It has to get done by Christmas to give to my brother-in-law (Tom) this year. I made one last year and we took it over for the gift exchange and found out we had the wrong person and it had to go to the other brother-in-law (Russ). We let him know that if he did not like it we would get him something else. Well he opened it up and loved it. He would not even let the wife touch it. So now that we have Tom this year, I will have to make another one for him. I am trying to decide if I should back it with flannel or fleece since he will probably use it for when he goes bear hunting in the snow. I will have to see how bulky it gets first. Any suggestions out there? I will start posting pictures as I go so you can see my progress.

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