Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello all. Sorry it has been a while since I wrote, but I have been busy. Life seems to always get in the way of every project I have. I was over at my friends house the other day and she brought out a quilt another friend of hers gave her as a birthday gift. It was an antique wedding ring quilt. She was asking all kinds of questions to me and wanted to know if I could fix the old torn material and add batting and quilt it. I told her about the value and she is not interested in value and wants to be able to use it and hand it down to her daughter later. So I now have an antique quilt I get to redo. I am sorry I have not taken any pictures yet but I will this weekend and then I will post them here for all to see. It is really a beautiful quilt and not too much work to do to fix it.

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