Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally finished the quilt...

I know I have been gone a while but things were very hectic around our place during the holidays. I have finally finished my jean quilt for Rob's brother. It fit across our queen bed so it was just a little big.

I used a flannel backing and extra loft batting so he could use it when he goes bear hunting in Eastern Oregon during the beginning of Spring. They usually still have snow on the ground where he goes.

I did some simple box quilting on the entire quilt just so the batting stayed put. I then did some simple free hand edge quilting on the entire quilt to give it a little interest.

I know men are not that big on having fancy designs in quilting or the top so I kept it very simple for him. Now all we have to do is take a drive over to see them so I can get it to him. 

Now my next project is a nice girly quilt for my daughter. Also I have to start working on my friends antique quilt to repair some of the fabric tears and she wants me to requilt it with some batting and a different back. She is not interested in trying to keep it the way it is for value, she wants to be able to use it for her family and pass it down to her daughter and granddaughter. I have decided I am going to find some old replica fabric to use on it so it still looks like it is older and back it with some 1930's type fabric for her. The quilt has no batting in it and looks like the old flour bags were used for some of the back. It is a wedding ring type quilt in light colors. When I pull it out I will get pictures of it and post so everyone can see it before I fix it.

Hope everyone enjoys the photos.

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