Friday, March 9, 2012

Concert time

Jessie had her concert last night and it was actually really good. They had the beginning, intermediate, and advanced band classes playing last night. She is in advanced band and had a blast.

I never realized how uncomfortable school bleachers were until I got older. It was an hour and a half so by the time they were done it took me a few moments to feel my legs again before I could climb down the bleachers and onto the floor at the end.

Her class had to dress up to represent themselves. She borrowed a shirt from a friend that matched her skirt. I being "Mom" of course did not like that it came off her shoulders and had spaghetti straps, but she did look nice.

She plays the trumpet and did very well. Each class got to play three songs. They had the choir there too and they sung a couple songs also. It was an entertaining evening.

She was nervous but got over it when she finally got to her chair and set up.

 This one is not that great because I accidentally had the flash on. But she is playing her horn in it.

 The girl on the piano was doing a solo of "Jar of Hearts", and her voice was very pretty.

This was a good song. It featured the trumpets. The three boys standing up were doing their own solo's and Jessie and the boy sitting next to her were doing the backup for them.

It sounded really good.

That was my adventure for the evening. I got to have a show just after dinner and got to see my daughter in it. I keep telling her that I am her biggest fan.

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