Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jessie is 15 now.

So I am recovering from my daughters birthday.  She is now 15 years old. So now I get to look forward to DMV and driving for her. Yeah me!! I am just not ready for this. It seems like just yesterday she was in my arms and coming home from the hospital.

 Time really flies. So her birthday was on Friday and since it was a work day I did not get to make her anything, so I thought fast and grabbed an ice cream sandwich from the freezer and added a couple of candles in it just to let her know we had not forgotten her special day.  As you can see she was not at all pleased we made a big deal out of it on Friday evening. But inside she was grinning from ear to ear.

We were having a party for her on Sunday with my best friend and her daughter Shyanne. Shy's birthday is the same day as Jess's day so we had them together. We went over to Amber's Mom's house. She lives in the woods and has a lot of space for the kids to run around and have a good time.

This picture is of Amber's mom. She is a second mom to me and a wonderful friend. We barbequed up hamburgers and hot dogs that day. It was the only day of the last week that was sunny and reached 60 degrees out. It was the first BBQ of the season and boy did it taste good. We had a couple of homemade salads too. A fruit and a pasta salad, and of course chips and drinks.

 This is Mikey. Actually he is Michael, this is Shyanne's little brother. He was having a ball chasing the girls around and enjoying the sun out.

This is Jessie on the left with Mikey in front and Shyanne bringing up the rear. They were trying to get out of the line of fire of my camera. Gosh they are all getting so big.

They were having a ball running around everywhere.

I made a Banana Cake for the birthday cake. It had 15 candles for Jess and 8 candles for Shyanne. Amber brought it out and it was hot with all those candles on it. Jess could not wait for the cake, I had to wait until Sunday morning to put the cake together so her or my husband would not keep bugging me for a piece before the party.

They all had a wonderful time and did not want it to end. Now that that is over it is back to the daily grind.

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