Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick Dinner

So last night I got home and did not want to do anything. The kids are starving, so I make meatloaf with roasted potatoes and some of our fresh green beans steamed with lemon water. I like them still crisp tender and they were so flavorful. I decided to do a little adding to the meatloaf to give it a good flavor. So I added those french fried onions to the mix (the ones everyone puts on green bean casserole.) Added some liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, Heinz BBQ Sauce, an egg, Italian bread crumbs, saute onion, garlic, fresh parsley, fresh chives, and a dash of soy sauce. Needless to say I have no left overs. I could not believe how much the kids ate. Rob had even gotten a second helping. It tasted really good. After dinner, they all suggested that I need to make that again only use more meat to make it bigger.

After dinner the kids decided to ask for dessert. I usually like to have a dessert at least once a week because I love to bake. So I made home made brownies. The kids, from their bedrooms, could smell them baking and were promptly there when they heard the buzzer go off. It was so agonizing for them to have to wait 30 minutes for them to cool.

That was when Rob walks in and grabs the pan and looks at the kids smiling and says,"Oh look mom made my favorite tonight, too bad there will not be enough for you." At which time he ran with the pan. The kids had to chase him around the house for a few minutes. When he made it back in the kitchen he smiled and said," Oh I suppose you two can each have one, but that is all." They all acted like I had never made brownies before, listening to them eat those I could not believe the noises. All the yum and mmmm out of the group made me laugh out loud. Anyone else have any good ideas for quick dinners?


WhisperingWriter said...

I get quick ideas over at allrecipes.com

Or I do Hamburger Helper ;)

WhisperingWriter said...

Congrats! You won the CoverMates! Please send your e-mail and address to Princess543@yahoo.com