Monday, August 8, 2011

wedding crazies

So this last weekend started off on Friday evening with a phone call from Rob's step brother asking if we would like to go to his wedding on Sunday afternoon. Now this is very funny because we had been talking about not hearing from him since 4th of July and that they had mentioned that they were going to get married in August. So of course we would go. I will have to post pictures and the adventure tomorrow.

So, ok that changing all the plans we had for the weekend. Now we would be doing yard work on Saturday and clean house and laundry all in one day. Oh boy for me. Thank goodness my 14 yr old decided she was going to help. Just as we finish doing yard work and laundry we get a call from a friend wanting to know when we would be over for his girlfriend's surprise birthday party. Ok I did not know that there was one this weekend but I guess I missed that. So we had to jump in showers and run over there because she would be coming home in two hours. Thank goodness I had just finished crocheting a set of dish cloths a couple days ago and low and behold her favorite color is purple(the same color as the dish cloths). Instant gift yeehaw!!

So now the house is going to have to get cleaned early Sunday morning before we leave for the wedding. Oh my goodness it was a jam packed weekend. Had to go to work Monday just to rest.

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