Thursday, June 14, 2012

Graduation Day

It is finally here, Jessie graduated from 8th grade. She is now a big high school-er. Yesterday was so hectic I was not sure if I was going to make it. The day was not too bad, she went to school and they went to Oaks Park Amusement Park for the day. I should have stayed home but decided to go to work anyway since she would be at school.

Well then I had to get off work early and pick her up. Then we had to get home and get dressed and do her hair and make up for the "big moment." I told her before she did that she should eat. She decided she wanted to change her dress. She was going to wear a dress I had as a bride's maid back 7 years ago, so I spent the last couple weeks altering it to make it more modern, but then her friend had a dress she was not wearing so Jess decided she wanted to wear that one. There she is in the black and white sweater.

After getting situated we had to get to the school by 6pm. We arrived with time to spare, but the line was already long to get in. My parents were coming also and they were at the beginning of the line so that was not too bad.

The class was not too big, only about 150 kids. The ceremony took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. They gave out quite a few awards and gave the customary speeches too. It was actually very nice.

Then they started giving out the diplomas and calling them up. It was a mad house with camera hungry people. I tried to get the photo of her actually getting her promotion diploma and there were so many people bumping into me I could not get a clear picture, they are blurry.
 See how awful this is, and it is the best one.

They were moving across the stage so fast I could only take about three photos before she was off the stage. I figured I could get a couple after the ceremony of her.

Then they had a dance that lasted until 10pm that night so I had to stay up to come back to the school and get her. She had a blast and can not wait for high school to start. Thank goodness she is one of those kids that actually likes going to school.

There she is with her promotion certificate. They were really nice with photos in them and in a hard cover. Her grandparents are very happy for her. They are in the photo too.

Yeah for her, she is down to only 4 more years before she is done.

She keeps getting prettier as she gets older. I am going to have to lock her in her closet until she is 18 hehe.

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