Monday, August 22, 2011

crochet Washcloths

Hello all, I have been working on some washcloths the last couple of days. I really like crocheting and thought I would start on some washcloths. I gave a set to a friend for her birthday and they were a hit with everyone who was there. I had an idea to make a few and see if I could sell some. Here are a couple I finished this weekend.

I like the orange and black one better because it is coming up on Halloween. I am now working on another Halloween one that is opposite colors of the orange and black. It will have a black center and orange outer rings with a black trim.  I will probably start on Christmas and Thanksgiving colors next. I am also going to be starting on some sewing projects soon. I have this great idea about making some neck pillows and a few baby quilts soon. I have some wonderful ideas for the baby quilts. I will post more pictures as I finish them.

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