Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Projects

So this weekend was a little busy. All the children in our family have their birthdays in March, so I have been quite busy. This weekend we had to go the birthday party of my second cousin who is more like a niece to me. Last week was my other second cousins birthday who is more like a nephew to me. So on Saturday I was sewing for the party on Sunday.

First I made my six year old niece a wonderful "Jessie Bag", I shrunk it down to be small enough for her and had to choose pink and purple fabric since they are her favorite colors. She loves purses and bags and thought this was wonderful.

She could not wait to use it.  It took about three hours to make it and I had a wonderful time with it.

Once that was finished and wrapped I had to think of something to make my nephew who just turned six also. He is such a wonderful child and such a joy to talk with. He loves telling stories.

He was recently diagnosed with Krohn's Disease and has had a hard time with it, so I thought that I wanted to make something he could have with him as he went through the doctor visits and tests. It had to be something he could squeeze and hang on to when he needed it.

So in comes this wonderful little pattern I found for a patchwork owl. I made it with fabrics I just received from Art Gallery Fabrics. I also had a couple of scraps of Minkie I used on the wings for a texture thing.

I stuffed it a little full so when he squeezes tight there is still some substance for him. I gave it to his mother to put in the car until later because it would not be fair that on Ashlee's birthday party, he got to open a special gift too.

I finished his owl just in time to get dinner started for the evening.

Here the two are sitting on the throne at the party. All the kids had a wonderful time and boy were we worn out after things finally settled down.

I got back home Sunday evening just before dinner time and had a wonderful dinner and settled down for the evening.

Next weekend starts Spring Break at our house. Yeah two mini teens, what to do with them?

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I love the owl! stopping by from SITS, and following your blog too