Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So as I said yesterday here are the wedding photos. Jay is a little different and he got to wear his Mohawk and ear plugs. It was a warm day, around 85 so he cut off his pants to make them long shorts and he wore his converse shoes. It was definitely a sight. Shannon is 5 months pregnant and she wore a pretty white short dress. They piggy-backed onto her father's vow renewals for the wedding. It was a Native American wedding for her father and step-mother. It was a simple wedding but very nice and small.

They all had a good time. I loved Shannon's step mothers dress. It was a Native American dress in white suede with all the feathers and ribbons on it. Her head dress was simple but elegant. She had a headband that matched the dress with feathers and beads down the back on suede strips. After the wedding they had a nice buffet. They had several different salads and cold cuts. There were also Hawaiian Meatballs and rice, little smokies, fried chicken, fruit, and vegis. It was good and filling too.

After a while of visiting and well wishing they decided to cut the cake. That was an adventure. Jay's cake was a Star Wars cake and the wedding cake was standard.
All in all it was a nice wedding. I wish them all the luck and fun of many years.


WhisperingWriter said...

Great pictures.

What a fun cake. Looks delish!

Laurie Parrack said...

it was good. They had fun with it.